Lamsee Company Limited
Synchronization panel for critical power
Synchronization panel for critical power
Synchronization Panel Image 1
Synchronization Panel Image 2
Generator Synchronization Panel
CEWE Instruments
CEWE Instruments
CEWE Instruments
CEWE Instruments
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Our Scope:


  • Generators synchronization.
  • Smart Metering Solutions.
  • Motor Control Centre, PF Correction Panels, All type of Dist. Panels.
  • Electrical hot water Generator
  • DG sets from 20KVA to 2000 KVA
  • UL-Grounding / Earthing / Shielding material


  • Building Management system.
  • Energy Management Solutions.
  • Preventive Industrial Maintenance.
  • Industrial SCADA.

Renewable Energy & Environment:

  • Sun Tracking Solar Concentrated dish to deliver hot water/steam
  • Solar PV based electricity generation-Automatic single axis tracking/fixed
  • Solar Kitchen
  • Non-Chemical based cooling water treatment to prevent hard scale formation
  • Thermal energy audits & design consultancy


  • Magnetic flow meters
  • Coriolis Mass flow meters
  • Vortex Flowmeter
  • Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeter
  • Orifice meters
  • Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter
  • DP transmitter
  • Pressure/flow/level switches & gauges


  • Steam/hot water boilers
  • Thermic fluid heaters
  • Heat Recovery units
  • Steam accessories
  • PHE based Instant hot water generator
  • Micro Turbine for pressure reduction/power generation
  • Hot & cold insulation material
  • Removable waterproof, insulation jackets for valves, flanges & fittings
  • Plate heat exchanger
  • Control valves, gate/globe/check/ball valves
  • Removable & waterproof, insulation jackets for valves/ flanges & fittings
  • Water softeners

UL listed Generator Synchronization, Smart Energy meters, Transducers, BMS system, Steam Accesorries, Boilers, Micro Turbines, Solar system, UL listed Grounding and Shielding Material, Plate Heat Exchangers, Insulation Jackets, Energy Audites & Utility Design Consultancy.